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What is ADD / ADHD Coaching?


Coaching is a supportive, practical, action oriented process in which the client(s) and coach identify areas in which change is desired. The client and coach identify goals, assess values and needs, develop skills & systems, and utilize tools to stay on track, be a successful leader,  parent, spouse, student or own a successful business. Change takes place over time. Generally clients utilize coaching services for 6-12 months in duration and some much longer.Like an Olympic athlete's coach, a life coach can enhance growth even for those who are doing very well.

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ADHD Coaching: Focus Areas

  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Small Business Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Parent Coaching
  • Student Coaching
  • Career Coaching.



For Life Skills here are some specific areas of coaching focus that we have developed based on the needs of our ADHD coaching clients. We will cover some of these briefly.




ADD/ADHD Household Coaching

  • Do most members of your household have ADD / ADHD?
  • Is the CHAOS getting too far out of control?
  • Is most everyone overwhelmed?

We have coaches who are experienced in working with entire families, where everyday life and households can be so very out of control and unbalanced. Learn more...

ADHD Financial Coaching

  • Do you have a budget?
  • Do you forget to pay your bills on time?

Frequently clients need assistance with financial system development and management. ADHD Success Network (ASN) has developed a simple, yet effective financial system for those with AD/HD. It is adaptable to and may be individualized for all types of circumstances including, households and small businesses. Learn more...

ADHD Personality Coaching

  • Do you like to be in charge?
  • Do you avoid conflict?
  • Do you focus on helping others?

Our clients come to us with their own personality, life experiences, current circumstances and - - AD/HD. We look at the whole person in our ADHD coaching and believe that the personality tool we use is extremely helpful in promoting more effective/masterful coaching and client success. Learn more...

ADHD Organization Coaching

  • Do you have too much stuff?
  • Do you get "lost" in details?
  • Does time get away from you?

We have tools specifically designed for creating structure and simplicity you your life

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smallbusinesscoaching Maximize The Potential Of Your Small Business...

  • What are your 3 biggest challenges?
  • If you had an ADD / ADHD coach to keep you focused, what might happen?
  • Are you missing opportunites because you're too busy?
  • What's getting in the way of your success?
  • Is your business creating difficulty in your personal life?

AN ADD / ADHD ASN Coach Will Assist You In Many Areas Including:

  • Collaboration
  • Strategies
  • Goal Setting/Achievement
  • Problem Solving
  • Strategic Planning
  • Workflow & Systems
  • Restructuring
  • Profitability
  • Professional Practice
  • Leadership
  • Team Work
  • Effective Employees Relationships
  • New Business Start-ups
  • And more...


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • Legal Professionals
  • Health Professionals
  • Coaches

Our professional lives consume much of our daily living and we believe that you deserve to be in a career where you are happy, balanced (your kind of balance) and creating memories that are meaningful to you as well as career success.

Each person comes with his/her own experience of ADD / ADHD, his/her own personality and many experiences that impact success. We understand the complexity and assist you in discovering you strengths, gifts and talents. Then, we promote the development of an action plan and strategies that will work for you, just the way you are. Then we support you through the process of making your success a reality.

Client Testimonial

“I’m doing really well. My business continues to flourish. One of my goals when I came to you was to make $90,000... Well, this year I made $113,000. I find that amazing. And I owe so much of my Read More


Enjoy Confidence In Your Interactions With Others!

Relationships and communication are essential parts of life. For some with ADD / ADHD this is an area of great concern. Some do very well in this area of life and would just like to hone their relationship and communication skills.


  • ADD / ADHD Coupleship Coaching is focused on all relationship areas including:
  • Coupleship goals
  • Communications
  • Compassion
  • Intimacy
  • Fun
  • Learn more...

We work with people on improving their relationships – We DO NOT coach divorce negotiations. We do coach those in the midst of divorce as a support for their forward movement into a new life – otherwise our coaching is directly related to moving a couple into greater heights of love and coupleship.

Personal Relationships

  • ADD / ADHD Personal Relationship Coaching is focused on all areas of relationships including those with:
  • Family
  • Children
  • Co-workers
  • Friends
  • Family of choice
  • Learn more...

This includes not only sustaining existing relationships, but also promoting new relationships.

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parentcoachingDo you deal with the following as a parent?

  • Repeat things several times before your child does what you ask them to do
  • Back talk, eyes rolling, and disrespect
  • Do more thinking than your child
  • Motivating kids to do chores
  • Battles over homework and school issues
  • Have your energy drained over daily battles
  • Wish you had more energy to enjoy your kids
  • Feel like you're missing out on a relationship with your kids
  • Feel your marriage and other relationships are affected by your kids
  • Fear the school contacting you about your child

Parenting does not have to be that difficult... even when parenting a strong-willed child or an ADD/ADHD child.

Parent coaching can:

  • Bring calm to even a chaotic household
  • Offer practical answers where there used to be frustration
  • Raise the odds on having responsible kids
  • Promote stronger relationships with your children, spouse, and family members
  • Put the fun back into parenting
  • Bring parents to the same page on parenting

Did you just find out your child has ADD / ADHD? Learn more...

Are you parenting an adolescent with ADD / ADHD? Learn more...

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We offer coaching for students with ADD / ADHD who want to experience success in various areas of life while attending school. We recommend that coaching begin at least 4 – 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester for maximum benefit.


AD/HD Student Coaching

Our Student Coaching focuses on areas such as:

  • Time Management
  • Organization
  • Study Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Communication Skills
  • Career Exploration
  • Balancing School & Fun
  • Learn more...

Some college students with ADD / ADHD need a more intensive coaching approach to assist them in getting the very best start possible. This approach involves several programs such as:

  • Motivational Program
  • Structural Program
  • Community/Social Program
  • Career Choice Program
  • Learn more...
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Looking to develop further in your current career , considering a transition to a new career, or looking for your first career? Hire an ADHD Career Coach !




ADHD Coaching: New Career

Some people are looking for ADHD coaching for a new career and are interested in areas such as:


  • Career assessment, exploration and/or interviewing skills
  • Handling career transition and decision making
  • Developing focus on what a new employer could provide to promote your success
  • Learn more...


ADHD Coaching: Current Career

Other clients are interested in professional development ADHD coaching in areas such as:


  • Leadership, delegation and team building
  • Productivity and organization
  • Interpersonal skills and communications
  • Self-promotion vs self-sabotage
  • Plan for career path to a higher level
  • Other topics related to reaching your potential in professional life
  • Learn more...


Our professional lives consume much of our daily living and we believe that you deserve to be in a career where you are happy, balanced and creating memories that are meaningful to you as well as career success . Each person comes with his/her own experience of ADD / ADHD, his/her own personality and many experiences that impact his/her success. We understand the complexity as ADHD Career Coaches and assist you in discovering you strengths, gifts and talents. Then, we promote the development of an action plan that will work for you and support you through the process of making your success a reality.

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ADHD Coaching: What Our Clients Are Saying

"I discovered Twila two years ago during the most difficult time of my life. She has been instrumental in assisting me in creating systems and order in my life during a time when I felt completely lost after my husband left and sought full custody of our son. I am not sure how I would have navigated that past few years without Twila there by my side. She is an incredibly talented and intuitive coach, and I highly recommend her. Twila is very gifted in being able to quickly understand "where you are" and where you need support and/or structure. She will take a tailored approach to assisting you where you need help - whether it is regarding the structure of your day/planning and follow through, or how to make certain aspects of your life run smoothly, or understanding your personality type and how to work with it rather than against it. She is able to help you learn how to gain and maintain focus - which is a true blessing if you have ADHD. She is able to help you with how to create and maintain an orderly environment. She is able to help you in defining your values and living life with purpose. She is able to help you with how to effectively organize, plan and manage projects. She will gently help you see where you need help...which can often be in areas you never even knew you needed help! I honestly feel like I cannot do Twila justice with my inadequate attempt to describe what she has done for me. Twila has been instrumental in my life changing for the better in so many ways."
Wendy K.
“My new house is coming along well. It should be ready by spring... When I move into the new home, my life has progressed in a way that will fit the new home, sort of like a snail growing and needing a new shell... Yes, I now have a full and well-rounded social life!”
Patricia T., Florida
"What have I accomplished through coaching? A better question is what haven't I accomplished through coaching! To state it briefly, I have accomplished a Ph.D., salary raises of $60,000 over 6 years, 4 promotions, respected positions in Fortune 500 companies, and my own business. I have also accomplished a home-life balance, a positive focus on more structure in my parenting, and a greater sense of peace and direction in both my personal and professional lives. "Thank You" does not say it. "Bless you" comes closer."
Jeane F., PhD., Manager of Organizational Effectiveness
"Before I worked with Twila I was feeling like life was pretty chaotic. I didn't seem to have a grip on things and I felt like my communication skills were poor. "I wasn't doing a good job of letting co-workers and my partner know what I needed from them. I seemed to be working under a general state of overwhelm. I have worked with Twila for a couple years. For me this has been time and money WELL SPENT. I am much more organized, thoughts and life. Before I couldn't see past the chaos but now I seem to be able to step back from things and see the real issues. I have been able to identify key areas needing attention in my life. I have made a lot of healthy improvements. This was something I didn't seem to be able to do on my own. I have improved my communication skills, personal and professional, and relationships are better. My partner said he has seen a great change in me all for the better. He has seen me grow and better myself and this has encouraged him to do some of his own work. Twila seems genuinely interested in my success as a person."
Kelly J., Washington

"When I first contacted Twila the "overwhelm" factor in my life was so debilitating that I was unable to perform functions as basic as paying my bills on time. I didn't have a job and had no money coming in. I had just decided to close the business I had been running, or stated more correctly, had been running me for almost five years. This was the fifth career in which I achieved "failure" status. My wife was feeling very insecure, which had a major effect, of course, on our family. At age 46 and just weeks away from turning 47, I was very dejected, to say the least, and sinking fast. That's when I realized I had all the symptoms of ADD, and found coaching.Twila helped me gather my thoughts, decide on the best career course to follow and smooth out relations with my wife and children. She helped me do all this within the span of a few months. I secured a job in which I was able to employ my strengths and achieve harmony and satisfaction for the first time in my life. Within less than two years, my salary has increased more than 50%, I am valued and respected at work, my wife feels much more secure and I am back on track with my family. I have a system for keeping my overwhelm factor in check and am improving my efficiency through use of tools for ADHD. Thank you for helping me find my life."
Alan T.
Twila is a super coach -- attentive, caring, organized and skillful. I worked with Twila for several years and gained the much needed skills to handle numerous drises that I was experiencing after a divorce and in establishing myself in a career. Twila is nonjudgmental, very easy to talk to and insightful. One of the important life skills that I gained from our sessions was learning the difference between discernment and judgment and how to employ these insights in interpersonal relationships. If you are in transition and trying to figure out a new path, Twila will be a tremendous resource and personal advocate.
Sabrina - New York
"When I started working with my coach, Twila, I was looking for a coach because I was extremely frustrated by several things: my boss, lack of planning, disorganization, impatience... etc. Most of the goals I had initially (e.g. being calm, less angry, submitting expense reports, paying bills, starting to plan my day/week...) I accomplished in the first 6-9 months of coaching. Twila was excellent at helping me develop systems that worked for me.I appreciated that she was relatively available when I was having a hard issue with my boss. I developed an excellent relationship and friendship with my boss (who at the start I was saying I would never work for).Coaching has helped with the following:1. Keeps me focused on achieving my goal2. Provides supportive accountability (I had great experience at sliding by... without anyone noticing)3. Over time, Twila could help spot repeated cycles/behaviors I was not as aware of4. Ongoing encouragement... which I needed5. Helped me develop ways of "naturally" doing many of the mundane tasks I had avoided.6. My base salary has increased by 30%7. My work hours have decreased by 30%8. Return on investment (ROI) is approximately 525%9. My performance appraisal no longer says: "I should be more patient... or that I should not be frustrated by others." :-)I also enjoyed/enjoy the "coaching" time and found that just having the call would start calming/relaxing me.Twila has worked with me to allow me to keep and exploit the traits I like about ADHD (i.e. energy- some may call hyperactivity, ability to pay attention to several things at once, and handle urgent tasks) while changing the traits that frustrate me (and often others)." Kathrin
Kathrin K
If you have come to a point in your life where you deeply desire to make adjustments in your thinking, habits, processes and/or performance, but feel stuck, Twila can provide tools, training, coaching and accountability necessary to get going and to achieve long term change.
Karl B
“Coaching has been a true life changer & saver for me. Most likely the results are going to be different for everyone, as dictated by different situations. For me, this has not only helped my career and college goals become enjoyable and achievable, but it has almost essentially helped me to combine all of the important things in my life much more efficiently, so that I have been able to pretty much save the severe degradation of my marriage. ADD/ADHD has, without knowing that it even existed, been an absolute key product of absolute upheaval and chaos in my life. Since I’ve been getting help from Twila, I’m truly realizing what I’ve been missing most all of my life. Needless to say, I would highly encourage you to consider life coaching if it has been recommended, or you think it might possibly be helpful for you. So far so good for me.”
Glen H.
ADD can be an overwhelming condition that affects every facet of life….from personal relationships and careers to the mundane. Over the years I’ve worked very hard to educate myself on my condition, believing that through sheer will and determination I could navigate life’s extra ADD challenges. This proved to be a stressful exercise while only producing mixed results. So with my life in disarray it was my great fortune to find Twila Gates. You will not meet a more understanding and compassionate individual with the talent, know-how and desire to see you succeed. Partnering with her produced measureable gains with every goal we set out to achieve. She helped me lift the burden of frustration which had accumulated over a lifetime with strategies tailored to my specific needs. I will always appreciate that she helped me develop the tools to overcome those challenges as well as embrace the positive aspects of ADD as a gift. Twila is an absolute gem and you will count yourself among the fortunate if you have the opportunity to work with her.
Jonathan P.