AD/HD is not a new diagnosis as some believe. It has been around for over a century, but it has been called different things like "minimal brain dysfunction", "hyperkinetic impulsive disorder," and "attention deficit disorder (ADD)." Currently the official recognized term since 1994 is Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD). However this term did not begin to be used more frequently until 2005. There are still many, including professionals, who use the terms ADD, ADHD and AD/HD interchangeably.  Now there is a trend to use ADD for the type that is inattentive and ADHD for the type that is hyperactive.

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According to the DSM IV (the manual used by those diagnosing individuals with AD/HD) there are three different types of AD/HD:

  1. Predominantly Inattentive Type (some people refer to this as ADD)
  2. Predominantly Hyperactive/Impulsive Type (some refer to this as ADHD)
  3. Combined Type

It is estimated that the prevalence of AD/HD is:

  • 5% - 7.5% in children
  • 3-6% in adults

Once thought to be a childhood disorder predominately affecting males, we now know that approximately 75-85% of children will continue experiencing this condition on into adulthood and that it also affects females.

AD/HD has different causes and there are differing theories that have been studied, such as:

  • Genetics
  • Neurobiological challenges in several different areas of the brain, including the pre-frontal cortex
  • Developmental disorder of self-control (Barkley 1995)
  • Brain Insults – head trauma, toxins/chemicals
  • AD/HD is NOT caused by sugar intake or poor parenting. Learn more about causes

In Addition:
There are several myths about AD/HD that are being dispelled. Learn more about myths...
Treatments for AD/HD typically involve a multi-modal approach. Learn more about treatment...

Some people with AD/HD are successful to a certain point and others suffer devastating failures.

The impact of ADD / ADHD is very significant:

Healthcare System

  • 50% increase in bike accidents1
  • 33% increase in emergency visits2
  • 2-4 times more motor vehicle accidents3,4


  • 46% expelled 5
  • 35% drop out rate 5
  • Lower occupation status 6
  • Increase in parental absenteeism from work 13
  • Lost Work Productivity of 22.1 days annually14


  • Substance abuse –
    • 2 x's the risk 7
    • Earlier onset 8
  • Less likely to quit in adulthood 9
  • 67% increase in unwanted pregnancy
  • 50% increase in legal challenges


  • 3-5 times increase in parental divorce or separation 10,11
  • 2-4 times increase in sibling fights 12


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ADHD Coaching: What Our Clients Are Saying

"When I started working with my coach, Twila, I was looking for a coach because I was extremely frustrated by several things: my boss, lack of planning, disorganization, impatience... etc. Most of the goals I had initially (e.g. being calm, less angry, submitting expense reports, paying bills, starting to plan my day/week...) I accomplished in the first 6-9 months of coaching. Twila was excellent at helping me develop systems that worked for me.I appreciated that she was relatively available when I was having a hard issue with my boss. I developed an excellent relationship and friendship with my boss (who at the start I was saying I would never work for).Coaching has helped with the following:1. Keeps me focused on achieving my goal2. Provides supportive accountability (I had great experience at sliding by... without anyone noticing)3. Over time, Twila could help spot repeated cycles/behaviors I was not as aware of4. Ongoing encouragement... which I needed5. Helped me develop ways of "naturally" doing many of the mundane tasks I had avoided.6. My base salary has increased by 30%7. My work hours have decreased by 30%8. Return on investment (ROI) is approximately 525%9. My performance appraisal no longer says: "I should be more patient... or that I should not be frustrated by others." :-)I also enjoyed/enjoy the "coaching" time and found that just having the call would start calming/relaxing me.Twila has worked with me to allow me to keep and exploit the traits I like about ADHD (i.e. energy- some may call hyperactivity, ability to pay attention to several things at once, and handle urgent tasks) while changing the traits that frustrate me (and often others)." Kathrin
Kathrin K
"I have always felt like I take two steps forward and four back. Having a coach helps me to keep the steps I take and more. The last two years has been life changing financially, physically and mentally. I look forward to my calls. I can never thank Twila enough for her support and encouragement."
Lori S., Arizona
"I discovered Twila two years ago during the most difficult time of my life. She has been instrumental in assisting me in creating systems and order in my life during a time when I felt completely lost after my husband left and sought full custody of our son. I am not sure how I would have navigated that past few years without Twila there by my side. She is an incredibly talented and intuitive coach, and I highly recommend her. Twila is very gifted in being able to quickly understand "where you are" and where you need support and/or structure. She will take a tailored approach to assisting you where you need help - whether it is regarding the structure of your day/planning and follow through, or how to make certain aspects of your life run smoothly, or understanding your personality type and how to work with it rather than against it. She is able to help you learn how to gain and maintain focus - which is a true blessing if you have ADHD. She is able to help you with how to create and maintain an orderly environment. She is able to help you in defining your values and living life with purpose. She is able to help you with how to effectively organize, plan and manage projects. She will gently help you see where you need help...which can often be in areas you never even knew you needed help! I honestly feel like I cannot do Twila justice with my inadequate attempt to describe what she has done for me. Twila has been instrumental in my life changing for the better in so many ways."
Wendy K.
"Before I worked with Twila I was feeling like life was pretty chaotic. I didn't seem to have a grip on things and I felt like my communication skills were poor. "I wasn't doing a good job of letting co-workers and my partner know what I needed from them. I seemed to be working under a general state of overwhelm. I have worked with Twila for a couple years. For me this has been time and money WELL SPENT. I am much more organized, thoughts and life. Before I couldn't see past the chaos but now I seem to be able to step back from things and see the real issues. I have been able to identify key areas needing attention in my life. I have made a lot of healthy improvements. This was something I didn't seem to be able to do on my own. I have improved my communication skills, personal and professional, and relationships are better. My partner said he has seen a great change in me all for the better. He has seen me grow and better myself and this has encouraged him to do some of his own work. Twila seems genuinely interested in my success as a person."
Kelly J., Washington

"When I first contacted Twila the "overwhelm" factor in my life was so debilitating that I was unable to perform functions as basic as paying my bills on time. I didn't have a job and had no money coming in. I had just decided to close the business I had been running, or stated more correctly, had been running me for almost five years. This was the fifth career in which I achieved "failure" status. My wife was feeling very insecure, which had a major effect, of course, on our family. At age 46 and just weeks away from turning 47, I was very dejected, to say the least, and sinking fast. That's when I realized I had all the symptoms of ADD, and found coaching.Twila helped me gather my thoughts, decide on the best career course to follow and smooth out relations with my wife and children. She helped me do all this within the span of a few months. I secured a job in which I was able to employ my strengths and achieve harmony and satisfaction for the first time in my life. Within less than two years, my salary has increased more than 50%, I am valued and respected at work, my wife feels much more secure and I am back on track with my family. I have a system for keeping my overwhelm factor in check and am improving my efficiency through use of tools for ADHD. Thank you for helping me find my life."
Alan T.
If you have come to a point in your life where you deeply desire to make adjustments in your thinking, habits, processes and/or performance, but feel stuck, Twila can provide tools, training, coaching and accountability necessary to get going and to achieve long term change.
Karl B
Twila is a super coach -- attentive, caring, organized and skillful. I worked with Twila for several years and gained the much needed skills to handle numerous drises that I was experiencing after a divorce and in establishing myself in a career. Twila is nonjudgmental, very easy to talk to and insightful. One of the important life skills that I gained from our sessions was learning the difference between discernment and judgment and how to employ these insights in interpersonal relationships. If you are in transition and trying to figure out a new path, Twila will be a tremendous resource and personal advocate.
Sabrina - New York
“I’m doing really well. My business continues to flourish. One of my goals when I came to you was to make $90,000... Well, this year I made $113,000. I find that amazing. And I owe so much of my success to you, Twila. I have enough work lined up for next year to make that much again, but work 240 hours less! Now that’s even more amazing!
Kelly C.
"What have I accomplished through coaching? A better question is what haven't I accomplished through coaching! To state it briefly, I have accomplished a Ph.D., salary raises of $60,000 over 6 years, 4 promotions, respected positions in Fortune 500 companies, and my own business. I have also accomplished a home-life balance, a positive focus on more structure in my parenting, and a greater sense of peace and direction in both my personal and professional lives. "Thank You" does not say it. "Bless you" comes closer."
Jeane F., PhD., Manager of Organizational Effectiveness
"This note comes to say how much I appreciated your support and wisdom as my coach. You were an awesome aspect of my life. I'm not sure what this year has coming ... but whatever it is I am excited and looking forward to "it" ! All in all, I'm looking for good things to happen this year and I still recognize this past year as my "MIRACLE" Year because God provided immensely but most of all with help from him and others like you, Twila – I survived !!! "
Janice M.