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One-on-one coaching is recommended for most anyone with ADD /ADHD... Providing they are ready to take action in their lives to promote life-long change. We have various programs to choose from for your one-on-one coaching experience as well as group options. We coach locally, nationally and internationally successfully:


To Get Started with One-On-One ASN ADHD Coaching Services:

Step 1:

Get Started - Schedule an Interview. We offer a complimentary 30-45 minute phone interview. We will assist you in determining if our services are right for you based on your individual needs and desires.   

Step 2:

During the interview, we will gather basic information to assist you in deciding which coach might be the best fit for you.  We will review how our coaching programs work and the fees that are involved.

Step 3:

Once you decide which ADHD coach(es), we will schedule another short complimentary interview with your chosen coach so you can be more certain.  Then your Initial Discovery Session will be scheduled.

Step 4: 

You will receive an invite from our coaching portal that includes setting up your new account. Then start creating your future as you enjoy the Initial Discovery session with your ADHD coach. 

Our Coaching Fees range is from $180/month to $760/month depending the frequency of meetings and the expertise of the coach.



ASN Core Actions & Beliefs

  • Each Client is "Unique" +

    Masterful ADHD coaching and client success depends on providing ADHD coaching services that are very highly individualized based on each clients:

    - Life experience

    - Current situation

    - Values & beliefs

    - Their own flavor of ADHD

    -Their Personality

  • The Client Knows What is Best +

    • We encourage client self-awareness as a tool to promote wisdom and discerning choices

    • Questioning is an important tool to assist the client in self-awareness/decision making at times

    • At other times the client does NOT have the information so we offer it in terms of options, role play, modeling, etc.

    • Some clients choose to take ADD/ADHD medication and some don't. - It is a personal choice

  • Making a Commitment to the Process +

    ADHD Coaching is NOT a cure or a quick-fix. Our ADHD coaching engagements are typically for 9 months to 1 year. We want our clients to walk away with habits, skills and tools that are self-sustaining. They are confident that they know how and will be successful in their endeavors. ADHD coaching is about making an investment in yourself that lasts a lifetime.
  • We Understand +

    We have genuine compassion ... The client with ADHD is both resourceful within themselves and also typically desires assistance with change. We honor and seek to elicit greatness from within the client. When needed we also offer options to promote client growth and development that will work for them "with" their ADHD
  • ADHD is a "Difference" +

    Many people with ADHD believe that they are somehow defective which is far from the truth. It is a "difference" in the way the brain functions and with new skills and growth people with ADHD can and do lead less chaotic and successful lives
  • The Client Comes First - Always! +

    First and foremost, by choosing to always do what is best for the client::

    • There will be enough clients to fill the needs of our coaching practice

    • Therefore, we work in an environment that offers client support within our team when a client need is identified that can be better served by another coach

    • We collaborate within our team to promote the best possible client experience

    • We refer to other professionals as appropriate

    • We charge a fair price and endeavor to assist those with financial challenge as much as possible

    • We don't promote or make claims to provide a "quick fix" or a "cure"

  • Collaborative Communications +

    Excellent communications between the client and ADHD coach are essential to the process. These skills include:

    - Complete honesty and openness

    - Absolute confidentiality

    - Compassionate directness

    - Validation when appropriate (no cheerleading)

    - Accountability

    - Practical & strategic

    - Collaborative approach

  • Team Respect & Collaboration +

    • We support, care for and offer compassion to each other

    • We do not compete with each other

    • We know that we are all precious and mistake-making individuals

    • We communicate clearly and openly with each other

    • We share our knowledge freely

    • We have no hidden agendas

    • We believe that ASN is bigger than any one of us and each support its growth and development for the benefit of our clients with ADHD.

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ASN ADHD Coaching Information


The most effective ADHD coaching experience


ADHD coaching is highly individualized based on your specific needs and desires. 

  • This includes coaching as well as information and resources focused on your particular experience of ADHD
  • People experience ADHD in various ways – we help identify these different aspects with you and base our coaching on your "flavor / experience" of ADHD


  • The process starts with three longer meetings to build a strong foundation which creates an opportunity to provide the very best services
    • The first session (Discovery) is about discovering what is happening in your life, some history, and assists in determining your particular flavor of ADHD
    • During the second session (Goals/Portal) we co-create goals that are meaningful to you. You will also learn how to navigate and utilize the on-line portal
    • The third session (Personality) is about both you and your coach understanding your particular personality and how it is impacted by your ADHD and vice versa...
    • Once the third meeting is completed you begin with the regular coaching sessions, with our focus based on what we have learned together in these first three meetings... at this point we have a good idea of which tools and behaviors we will begin with to assist you in reaching your potential 


  • You meet with your ADHD coach at least once per week during the first four weeks of the month:
    • The sessions are highly focused and action oriented based on what is actually happening in your life
    • Sessions are scheduled on the same day and time to promote simplicity, with flexibility for special circumstances
    • These sessions are typically done by phone, as we have learned over the years that this modality works best for most people
    • With "seriously seeking" college students phone coaching works, although with some students we recommend in-person coaching
    • This program includes "on call" status with your ADHD coach to assist you when you are in the midst of challenge
  • You may e-mail or text with your coach in-between sessions to keep the coaching fresh, if you choose, at no additional charge
  • You will have login access to our on-line portal which includes a graphical interface where you can view/monitor your progress
  • Over 28 years in the profession of ADHD coaching allows us to provide cutting edge conceptual and practical information, time-proven strategies and effective tools / systems


  • Coaching fees are based on the experience of the ADHD coach you choose
  • We have an Interns as well as expert coaches 
  • The fees are also based on the program you choose
  • The fees are paid per month via credit/debit card, except for the three Initial Sessions, which are paid as they occur
  • Monthly fees begin the first of the month for that month... after you complete your third session
    • If there are weeks remaining until the first of the next month we prorate those fees 
  • We do have a written agreement that covers the agreed upon fees 
    • We DO NOT require a contract for a specified period of time - just month-to-month. However in your interview we will talk about your personal commitment to the process which is very important to your success.  The agreement is a month-to-month agreement.
    • We would NOT want you to continue your coaching just because your signed a contract or paid in advance
    • Instead we earn your trust and you stay engaged because we offer you very high quality ADHD Coaching along with many extra benefits not offered by many coaches
    • Fees range from $180-$760 depending on the expertise of the coach and if you choose the Optimal or Intensive Program
    • Fees are not covered by regular insurance as there is not a CPT code for "ADHD Coaching" - however, many FSA/ HSA's do cover our services

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"Get-it-Done Days" Option




This program is only available to the following group: 

  • Clients who are engaged in one of our one-on-one coaching programs OR those at the end of their fully completed one-on-one coaching 
    • This "real person" facilitated program offers an opportunity to Get Things Done by doing hourly check-ins
    • The Group Conference Calls will likely occur 2 days per week
      • the second and fourths weeks of the month or possibly the first four weeks of the month
    • We are still in the infrastructure phase for this "enhanced" service as compared with our old service
      • we have offered Get-it-Done Days Groups previously with a lot of success
      • we plan to offer a smorgasboard of options so you can make it fit for you
      • including Group, One-on-One, or both
      • various connections including Video Conference, Phone, Text, Screenshare 
    • Various pricing will be based on which options/connection are utilized, how frequently they occur
  • We will update this information as it becomes available during 2024

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