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Our Core Service

We provide expert coaching by highly educated and experienced ADHD coaches for those with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD).  As pioneers in the field, we are able to quickly identify various education, skills and behavior changes that would best suit each unique individual... 

We Do Our Best

Our interviewing process allows us to:

  • Match you with a coach that fits you and your situation
  • Determine if coaching is truly in your best interest
  • Make referrals as needed to other professionals

ADHD Coaching Options Comparison


All programs are provided by our expert ADHD Coaches.  The Monthly ADHD Coaching Option is the best value as it includes many extra's at no extra charge...  The Monthly Option services also provide the best service choices for your success... we offer this at a lesser fee because it allows us to
charge your credit card only one time each month, instead of having to process credit cards each week.  

We want to spend our time coaching, not doing bookkeeping chores...  

  • Monthly Option
  • Optimal
  • 4 meetings per month
  • Pay per month
  • Month-to-month agreement
  • Free e-mails & texts
  • Access to on-line portal
  • Free Tools
  • Free MP3 audios
  • Your coach is "on call" between meetings
  • $330-$425/month depending on coach
  • More Info
  • Per Session Option
  • Basic
  • 4 meetings per month
  • Pay per session
  • Per session agreement
  • $12 per e-mail
  • $20mo. for on-line portal 
  • Tools at full price
  • Audios at full price
  • $100mo for "on call" services, if desired
  • $330-$425/month plus above fees
  • More Info
  • Coach On Call Option
  • Limited
  • Meetings as desired
  • Pay per session or month
  • Per Month or Per session agreement
  • E-mail (free for prior clients)
  • Access to on-line portal 
  • Free Tools (prior clients only)
  • Free MP3 audios (prior clients)
  • On call (monthly prior clients)
  • Based on Monthly Fee
  • More Info

Why Would You Choose Us?

We could tell you about how passionate, educated and experienced our coaches are... and yet, you can learn so much more about us by reading the testimonials below to understand what and how we are doing. 

Most important... we understand!


What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Changed my Life

    "I came to (my coach) broken after years of struggling with ADHD and PTSD. Her professionalism, positivity, realism, understanding, and experience with ADHD provided the path I needed to 'get out of the weeds'..

    She understood me more after the first few weeks than my therapist that I had worked with for over a year. I just wish I found her sooner so that I could have changed my life for the better years ago before I made so many mistakes and bad decisions.

    My relationships have never been stronger, my career is the healthiest it has been in years, and I am actually setting long term goals and accomplishing them. Most of all, my relationship with myself is, for the first time in a long time, positive and loving. I am looking forward to the future (even during this covid craziness). I am not in the clear yet (or ever might be) but I am on the right path and that is all thanks to my coach. Thank you."


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