Just Found Out Your Child Has ADHD?ADHD Parent Coaching


Did you just find out your child has ADD / ADHD?

Do you want to understand how his brain works?

Are you wondering which way to turn and what to do next?

parenting1Parents are finding out every day that their child has Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. They typically don't know what this means to their child in their development and the impact it will have on their life success.

  • My child is just too lazy
  • She is so self-centered
  • He's acting crazy
  • Is my child stupid?
  • He only does what he wants to do - nothing else

Our children with ADHD are NOT 
lazy, crazy, stupid, or selfish... they have a Dis-Ability... they have limitations around engaging in life in the same way neuro-typical people do. People with ADHD often feel that they are "defective"... this is NOT a character defect, it is a difference in the way the brain functions. 



Studies on ADHD in childood have shown that one of the best ways to help our children is to implement a multimodal plan that includes, as appropriate, the following:

  • Parent/Child Education
  • Adequate/restful Sleep
  • Consistent Exercise
  • Behavioral Tools , Systems& Strategies
  • Medication (a personal choice)
  • Cognitive Tools
  • Organizational Tools
  • And more


ADHD Parent Coaching is successful in helping parents 

to learn more about their child's condition and most importantly how to support the parent's success with creating an environment that supports their child's success. Creating these successful environments include many systems, tools & strategies. The following is a partial list:

  • Behavior Identificationparenting
  • Identification of limitations as well as strengths
  • Goal setting around behaviors
  • Co-creating a plan of action for each behavior
  • Development of strategies – the "how's" of the plan
  • Promoting consistency
  • Encouraging creativity in the process
  • Creating systems to support these processes
  • Identifying appropriate rewards
  • Support on implementation
  • Encouraging parental self-care

Medication is a personal choice – ALWAYS. We do not take the position that a child must be on medication for them to make progress. There is a continuum and some children are mildly impacted by ADHD while others are severely impacted. At some point in time, it is possible that you as a parent may decide that your child is not doing well enough and you may choose to investigate possible medication options. In other cases you may have been advised to start medication immediately by your child's doctor. There is no "right" answer – each parent makes this determination.

There is a lot of information available on ADHD and how to work with our children. We encourage you to visit trustworthy and informative websites, read books and create a network of support. 






ASN Core Actions & Beliefs

  • Each Client is "Unique" +

    Masterful ADHD coaching and client success depends on providing ADHD coaching services that are very highly individualized based on each clients:

    - Life experience

    - Current situation

    - Values & beliefs

    - Their own flavor of ADHD

    -Their Personality

  • The Client Knows What is Best +

    • We encourage client self-awareness as a tool to promote wisdom and discerning choices

    • Questioning is an important tool to assist the client in self-awareness/decision making at times

    • At other times the client does NOT have the information so we offer it in terms of options, role play, modeling, etc.

    • Some clients choose to take ADD/ADHD medication and some don't. - It is a personal choice

  • Making a Commitment to the Process +

    ADHD Coaching is NOT a cure or a quick-fix. Our ADHD coaching engagements are typically for 9 months to 1 year. We want our clients to walk away with habits, skills and tools that are self-sustaining. They are confident that they know how and will be successful in their endeavors. ADHD coaching is about making an investment in yourself that lasts a lifetime.
  • We Understand +

    We have genuine compassion ... The client with ADHD is both resourceful within themselves and also typically desires assistance with change. We honor and seek to elicit greatness from within the client. When needed we also offer options to promote client growth and development that will work for them "with" their ADHD
  • ADHD is a "Difference" +

    Many people with ADHD believe that they are somehow defective which is far from the truth. It is a "difference" in the way the brain functions and with new skills and growth people with ADHD can and do lead less chaotic and successful lives
  • The Client Comes First - Always! +

    First and foremost, by choosing to always do what is best for the client::

    • There will be enough clients to fill the needs of our coaching practice

    • Therefore, we work in an environment that offers client support within our team when a client need is identified that can be better served by another coach

    • We collaborate within our team to promote the best possible client experience

    • We refer to other professionals as appropriate

    • We charge a fair price and endeavor to assist those with financial challenge as much as possible

    • We don't promote or make claims to provide a "quick fix" or a "cure"

  • Collaborative Communications +

    Excellent communications between the client and ADHD coach are essential to the process. These skills include:

    - Complete honesty and openness

    - Absolute confidentiality

    - Compassionate directness

    - Validation when appropriate (no cheerleading)

    - Accountability

    - Practical & strategic

    - Collaborative approach

  • Team Respect & Collaboration +

    • We support, care for and offer compassion to each other

    • We do not compete with each other

    • We know that we are all precious and mistake-making individuals

    • We communicate clearly and openly with each other

    • We share our knowledge freely

    • We have no hidden agendas

    • We believe that ASN is bigger than any one of us and each support its growth and development for the benefit of our clients with ADHD.

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